Paul explains in these verses that he had evaluated his own motives and actions in light of the sobering fact that everyone will appear before Christ’s judgement seat. He knew and reminded himself of the fact that God saw his motivations. His life was an open book to God. Paul didn’t have to prove to God that he was sincere, for God already knew it. Like Paul, we are given a title and a ministry: “Ambassadors of Christ” with the “Ministry of Reconciliation.” An ambassador does not represent themselves but represents another. And we should do a self-examination and make sure the our motives and reasons are to bring glory and honor to the Lord rather than to us. Our mission is to preach this message to the world. Am I living an Ambassador of Christ life today?

PRAYER – Lord help me to see the world as You see them. Help me to see Your church as You see them. You love us so much that You were willing to sacrifice Your Son for us.  Thank You, Father. Amen.