Whether it’s how to change a tire, how to cook on the grill, how to make cookies, or how to balance a budget, parents teach children all the time, even if they don’t know it. By our attitudes, words, and our actions we are constantly training our children. But if we are families of faith, we must not only teach our children how to live in the world; we must take an active role in teaching them the truth of God. Faithful families teach their faith to the next generation.

Families are one of the primary means God has given to us through which faith is meant to be taught.

We can’t teach what we don’t know ourselves. And we can’t help our kids love God with everything they are unless we know what that means ourselves. So, God told His people to love Him, and then as they love Him, to teach the next generation to do the same. It is all of our job to raise our children in a godly way. We must actively and intentionally do this. We can’t hope the church or the schools will take our place. Faithful families teach their faith in a consistent way to the next generation.

PRAYER – Pray and thank God that He is the perfect Father. Pray that the parents in our church would embrace their responsibility to parent their children in a godly way. Also pray for any of the specific requests from the families in the church. Seek God in how we can partner with families within the church to help them disciple their kids and families to the Lord.