God created us for Koinonia, the fullest possible fellowship with Him and with others. You cannot be in Koinonia with God and not walk in godly fellowship with one another. Are you experiencing Koinonia with God and with the church? You can, but it’s not automatic. God has requirements for our fellowship and it’s walking with and in Christ. We cannot say, “I’m close to the Lord and I’m miserable. I’m walking with Jesus; I’m at the table; I’m in the Word—and am I ever depressed.” We’re kidding ourselves if we say we have fellowship with Jesus but walk around in darkness. One of the ways we know we have fellowship with the Lord is that we have fellowship with other people. That is, if we’re truly in the light, our hearts will be full of joy.

PRAYER – Lord, You have pursued a love relationship with me and invited me to join in Your work. You spoke to me through Your Word and I faced the crisis of belief. I am making the needed adjustments so I can join in Your work. Now I am obeying You and experiencing You. I love you. Amen.