The prophet Jeremiah told us God would fulfill His promise of a Savior. The people could look forward to someone who would save them from captivity. What did they expect as an answer to their prayers? They thought the Messiah would be a powerful leader, capable of subduing an empire and ushering in God’s reign. But instead of answering the promise as they anticipated, God did the opposite. He sent a servant who would die on the cross for their sins in His Son. God often does that. He answers our prayers in unexpected ways. We ask for healing, but God chooses to give us strength for each day. We ask for relief from our trials, but God helps us endure and grow stronger. We ask God to deal with our adversaries; instead, He transforms our attitudes. God is always faithful to His promises—He just doesn’t do things the way we expect. When you don’t see answers to prayer that you are anticipating, take a look to see if God is blessing in unexpected ways.

PRAYER – My Father and my God, help me gain a healthy and balanced view of Your person, so that while I enjoy the familiarity of You, I am exceedingly conscious also of Your holiness. In Jesus’ name. Amen.