When creation was created, God spoke and it was done. God’s words even preceded the act of creation. Christ who created time preceded time, and He being before time is eternal and divine. Jesus is the avenue by which God choose to go forth in creation, and offer redemption to mankind. The life of God was stored in the human nature of Jesus, when the Word became flesh. True life is always found in the light. When we receive Christ, we begin to truly experience life and shine. While God can be known in part through nature/creation and history, God is known in full through His Son. Christ as the Word brings grace and truth. The Bible is the written Word of God, and Jesus Christ is the living, incarnate Word of God. The hardest part in understanding the infiniteness of Jesus is a result of our finite being. We have a definitive beginning and ending. Jesus has always been and will always be.

In seeking to understand how majestic Jesus is, how does the act of sending Jesus to save us show how much we are loved by God?

PRAYER – Pray today to gain a deeper understanding of the love of God for us in that He would willingly sacrifice His Son for our redemption. That Jesus was the plan before time began. Thank God for His saving work. Seek to share Him today!