The world needs to know who Jesus really is and what the benefits are of putting faith in Him. Jesus gave us—His church—the responsibility to make those truths known. God could have chosen to work in the world independent of His people, yet He chose to engage us in accomplishing His will. As the church, we represent God to people who need to know and understand Him. But you know, Jesus never asked us to accomplish anything without Him or really anything He did not already to Himself. Jesus called Phillip as He was walking to Galilea. As we live our lives, we are to make disciples. How are you making disciples today? Are the distractions of the world over-taking your first purpose? What does God desire for you personally to do in response to that truth?

PRAYER – Seek God in a time of prayer for the burden of responsibility that comes with knowing the Great Commission. Pray that everyone will take this charge & responsibility seriously and see it as a vital role we have in being Jesus’ church and allowing Him to work through us.