Timothy was a servant and a son to Paul, a partner in the gospel ministry to make Jesus known so that sinners would believe in Him and be saved from their sin. Contrary to the natural bent of us all to seek our own interests and desires, Timothy followed Jesus’ example to care about the interests of others. We see this in his service to Paul with all the physical hardships that came throughout his missions and in his proven character, which must have involved a heart set on putting other people’s needs before his own. Epaphroditus was also a servant to Paul, sent on behalf of the Philippian church. In his mission of the work of Christ, he came close to death. He risked his life for the ministry, following closely in the steps of Jesus Christ who gave His life for the sake of sinners to be saved. What are some ways we can follow the example of Jesus and humble ourselves for the sake of others in our church? For those outside of our church who need Jesus? How can our church encourage one another as we strive to walk in humility, caring for the interests of others? How might our actions of faithful humility open doors for sharing the good news about Jesus, and how can we seize those opportunities?

PRAYER – Father, thank You for the example of Jesus Christ, who humbled Himself to die on the cross to save us from our sins. Help us to follow in His footsteps, in the power of the Holy Spirit, as we strive to work out our salvation and shine like stars in this dark world. In Your Son’s precious name,  Amen.