“It is self and our own selfish desires that keep us from allowing Christ to live out His priorities in our lives.” These verses are my life verses. I have to be reminded what I am to daily be living for. I do attempt to think about them at least once every morning. See I typically have a plan for my day, but my plans are not necessarily His. When I have these verses on my mind, I am more apt to see how the world is attempting to squeeze me into it’s image for me. But most of all when I have these verses on my mind and living them, I can hear and feel God leading and guiding me through life. But when I don’t seek to live these verses and attempt to control life, everything goes into chaos. For me, God has shown me how to live in Him by seeking Him alone through the power of the Spirit.

PRAYER – Spend some time with God seeking to understand what things in life are we placing before Him on a daily basis. Am I daily living for Him? Am I seeking to be transformed today? Am I open to the Spirit’s leading? Or am allowing the world to conform me into it’s image. Seek Him today!