It has been said, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Not carrying out good intentions is not what separates us from God for eternity, but choosing not to trust in Christ is the only thing that does that. However, it is true that good intentions mean nothing without action to accompany them. There are Christians with good intentions, and there are Christians who live intentionally. Good intentions will never change the world. Good intentions will never take the gospel to relationships. Intentional living, though, is a focused and determined choice to live with eternity in mind. This perspective affects everything about us. In these vs., Paul was unsure of his fate and was aware that at any moment he could be sentenced to death. Paul, however, did not use his circumstances as an opportunity to try and win the sympathy of the church at Philippi. As Christians, we know exactly why we exist—to glorify God. When we focus on living for Christ and His glory, death doesn’t seem so intimidating. Paul did not fear the possibility of death. Instead, he used it as motivation to make the most of the time God had given him, intentionally living to proclaim the gospel and encourage churches in their pursuit of Christ. The more we focus on Christ, the more we will take advantage of the opportunities God has set before us to spread His name and build His Kingdom.

PRAYER – I hereby surrender everything that I am, and have, and ever will be. I take my hands off of my life and release every relationship to You: every habit, every goal, my health, my wealth, and everything that means anything. I surrender it ALL to You. By faith I take my place at the Cross, believing that when the Lord Jesus was crucified, according to Your Word, I was crucified with Him; when He was buried, I was buried; when He was raised from the dead, I was raised with Him. I deny myself the right to rule and reign in my own life and I take up the Cross believing that You are in my and I in You. I thank You for saving me from my sins and myself. From this moment on I am trusting You to live Your life in me and through me, instead of me, to do what I can’t do, quit what I can’t quit, start what I can’t start, and–most of all–to be what I can’t be. I am trusting you to renew my mind and heal damaged emotions in Your time. I thank You now by faith for accepting me in the Lord Jesus, for giving me Your grace, Your freedom, Your joy, Your victory and Your righteousness as my inheritance. Even if I don’t feel anything, I know that Your Word is true; I am counting on Your Spirit to do what Your Word says– to set me free from myself, that Your resurrection life may be lived out through me, and that You may receive all the glory. I thank You and praise You for victory right now in Jesus’ name, Amen.