People find it difficult to accept something so free, so willingly given, so available to anyone. We want to feel as though we did something, that we somehow earned our salvation by our merit. Paul’s words are unmistakable: if salvation is by God’s grace and is accepted through faith, then it is “not a reward.” If salvation could be earned by good works, then people would, by nature, “boast” about their good works, compare the goodness of their works to others’ good works, and do good only to boast about it. Then, what would be “good enough” for salvation? But no one could ever be good enough to please a holy God. He casts aside all human effort and pride by offering salvation for free to all people by simple acceptance. People are given salvation on the grounds of God’s grace alone. But wait, there’s more. We are God’s masterpiece. Salvation is something only God can do—it is his powerful, creative work in us. People are re-created into new people, and those new people form a new creation—the church. I did not earn my salvation and living for Christ is  not about me. We make it about us though when we beat ourselves up when we fail. We are human – we will fail. But we are His children and all He ask of Him is to live in Him in obedience to Him. Thank you Lord!

PRAYER – Jesus I am in You and You are in me. As a believer in You, You have given me the free gift of salvation. You don’t expect me to now earn that same salvation. Help me to forgive myself when I do fail because You have already forgiven me. In Jesus name,Amen.