Prayer is not the way to get God to do our will in heaven. Prayer is the way to get man to do God’s will on earth. Once this is understood, you will find yourself praying in an entirely different manner. And that’s what Jesus is doing here. “Glorify Me,” He prays, “so that You might be glorified—even if that means that I will be pinned to the Cross of Calvary.” “That sounds sadistic,” you say. But it isn’t because on the other side of the Cross is a crown—joy unspeakable, full of great glory. We only thing we see five months or ten years down the road. But God sees the entirety of future years and eternity. You see, Jesus’ allowing the Father to be glorified through Him ultimately bought a bride for Him for all eternity.

It’s so radical when a believer finally gets the big picture and stops saying, “God do it my way.” God is not Burger King – you can’t always have it your way. We can’t give orders about how things should be done, and then complain when we don’t get the lettuce and onions we asked for. God is not Burger King—He’s the King of kings, and the Lord of lords. He sees what is going to be absolutely best in the long run.

PRAYER – I hereby surrender everything that I am, and have, and ever will be. I take my hands off of my life and release every relationship to You: every habit, every goal, my health, my wealth, and everything that means anything. I surrender it ALL to You. By faith I take my place at the Cross, believing that when the Lord Jesus was crucified, according to Your Word, I was crucified with Him; when He was buried, I was buried; when He was raised from the dead, I was raised with Him. I deny myself the right to rule and reign in my own life and I take up the Cross believing that You are in my and I in You. I thank You for saving me from my sins and myself. From this moment on I am trusting You to live Your life in me and through me, instead of me, to do what I can’t do, quit what I can’t quit, start what I can’t start, and–most of all–to be what I can’t be. I am trusting you to renew my mind and heal damaged emotions in Your time. I thank You now by faith for accepting me in the Lord Jesus, for giving me Your grace, Your freedom, Your joy, Your victory and Your righteousness as my inheritance. Even if I don’t feel anything, I know that Your Word is true; I am counting on Your Spirit to do what Your Word says– to set me free from myself, that Your resurrection life may be lived out through me, and that You may receive all the glory. I thank You and praise You for victory right now in Jesus’ name, Amen.