A lot of people in today’s society have a problem with Ephesians Ch. 5 as a result of the verses that follow these verses. The reason they have a problem is because they have not read and if they have they are not living these verses first. Paul’s charge for us to live in wisdom comes on the heels of the previous verses, which help us understand what lives changed by the gospel look like. Living in wisdom means taking every opportunity to glorify God and reflect the gospel to those around us. When we resolve to live in the light, we choose to pursue Christ above all worldly pursuits. Part of the reason we do that is so our lives will testify to others about God’s grace, mercy, and love. This passage offers specific applications to seek to practice: walk in wisdom, make the most of your time, understand the Lord’s will and do it, don’t be drunk with wine, be under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Each of these examples reiterates our need for the Spirit’s help to live as imitators of God. Those who do not know God will not be able to walk in the way He asks them to live, because they lack the Holy Spirit.

PRAYER – Repent for any area of your life—in any of your relationships—where you have not been living intentional and neglecting the Lord. Invite the Holy Spirit to fill you up and empower you to follow His Kingdom principles, principles that naturally bring about God’s glory for our lives.