The story of Jesus birth and early life are shared in this passage of scripture.  Other than the birth of Jesus, we know very little about Joseph. The last time that Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus, is ever mentioned is in Luke 2:41-52. We know very little about the years of Jesus prior to His public ministry. But in the selected passage of scripture, we can gain great insight into how Joseph was a man of God. Joseph could have had married stoned to death for considering her to have had an affair. When God spoke to him through the angel in both chapters, he probably did not completely understand what was going on and probably still had questions. However, one thing we can say about Joseph was he was radically and willingly obedient to God’s leading even without all the answers. When we follow God’s guidance, we can be sure that God will not fail us to bring us to the goal He has for us.  We may not understand everything God is asking, directing, or guiding us to do or go. But we can learn from Joseph’s example that whatever God has for us good or bad, He will not let us down. We can trust in Him.

What has God asked of you? How is God directing or guiding you to serve the Kingdom? Are you willingly and radically obedient? If not, what is holding you back from trusting God.

PRAYER – Take time to thank God for sending Jesus. Thank God for the example of Joseph given to us on how to be radically obedient to Him. Ask God to show you what is coming between you and Him that is preventing you from trusting Him. Seek to be open to God and be radically obedient to His guiding knowing you can trust Him.