So in love with me was He, Jesus died on the Cross to save my soul in order that I might be His bride forever. Why He would love me in that way, I don’t have the foggiest idea. But He does. And He proved it on the Cross. Therefore, if He loved me that much, I can be confident that He’ll put me in the place financially, relationally, geographically that will make me into the man He sees I can be. I am so concerned about my present comfort. God, however, is concerned about my eternal state. I pant after ministry or material things, fame or satisfaction. God, however, says, “I want you to be full and happy and useful and blessed for the future. Therefore, I will allow you to go through difficulties and challenges not because I’m being mean, but because I’m doing a deep work in you that you will never regret for all eternity.”

So, too, God is saying, “Yes, you’re going to take some hits. Yes, there will be some hurts, some setbacks, some disappointments. But, there’s ten zillion dollars, so to speak, around the bend. And I have allowed you to be in the situation you’re in because it’s preparing you for what’s to come. Will you trust Me? Will you not murmur about your condition? Will you not be always looking for some better situation? Will you learn to be content where you are right now?” Wise is the man or woman who says, “Lord, plant me where You see that I am designed to be. Be it on an island in Honduras, or a city in Oregon, place me in the spot wherein I can most glorify You presently, and that will prepare me for eternity. Teach me to be content, Lord.” And He will. He truly will.

PRAYER – O God, help me to see that You have given me all that I will ever need in Christ. Help me to see He is my all in all. I submit to You today, plant me where You see that I am to be. In Jesus name, Amen.