In these verses we see a psalm of praise and thanksgiving directed to God’s people that is a composite of Psalm 105:1-15; 96:1-13; 106:1 & 106:47-48. The psalm recorded on this occasion has two main parts: vs. 8-22 are addressed to Israel, and vs. 23-34 are addressed to all the nations. In vs. 8-22, the Israelites are exhorted to sing the Lord’s greatness and to seek the Lord’s face. They are to remember His deeds, the marvelous works which He has done in the past, and they are to remember His covenant, the unconditional promises He made to their fathers. In vs. 16:23-34, widening the perspectives to all the earth, the psalmist urges all men to speak of the glory of the LORD. Fear is His due as the God of creation. Glory is His due as the God of splendor, strength, and majesty. Joy is His due as the God who sustains and reigns over His world. A heart of thanksgiving is a result of understanding that what you’ve been given is far greater than what you can give. The same thanksgiving that was directed in these verses to Israel – is the same thanksgiving we owe to God. Be thankful today for who He is!

PRAYER – Father, I can often be lost in my own world and circumstances by focusing on the here and now or what’s in front of me, thus, taking my eyes off of You. Today, I honor You alone by remembering everything You have done for me. I am thankful for the life I live in You. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.