The primary emphasis of greater things is on the spiritual dimension, rather than the physical. When a person is healed of a physical illness, that person’s life on earth may be enriched and improved for a few more years. When a person is saved, a transformation occurs that lasts not only for the duration of life on earth, but also for all of eternity. Jesus promises that believers can participate in the greater works of spreading the gospel around the world. In so doing, we do not act independently of Him, but as His agents. Through faith in Him, Jesus’ followers would continue His work and see its expansion. The greatest work of God is seeing a lost sinner come to find life in Jesus. Jesus is the way, meaning He is the way into a relationship with God that leads to eternal life. He not only taught the way, demonstrated the way, and provided the way. Jesus is the truth. Jesus is the single reliable source of redemptive revelation. Apart from Him, there is no means of knowing God. Jesus’ whole life defined the reality of truth. Jesus also is the life. No real life exists apart from Him. As Jesus’ followers, we must share lovingly the reality that apart from Him there is no redemption, no everlasting life, no way to heaven. There is no salvation apart from faith in Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12).

PRAYER – Jesus, in this situation I have nothing to offer of my own ingenuity or strength; I need your wisdom and power as badly as I need the air that I breathe.  As I move forward may I do so in desperate dependence on You every second.  I joyfully and unreservedly confess that I am inadequate to answer Your call, in fact, I can do absolutely nothing without You.  I’m not able to handle this situation on my own and any good that results must come solely through You.  I simply ask You right now to flow through me, Lord Jesus, and cause me to stay out of Your way. In Your name, Amen