Jesus went farther into the garden to be alone with God. Jesus the Son of God to accomplish what God desired of Him, He relied on God in prayer. His agony was such that He threw Himself on the ground before God in deep spiritual anguish, praying that if possible the awful hour awaiting Him might pass Him by—that His mission might be accomplished some other way. Hour figuratively refers to the entire event Jesus was facing. The “hour” and the “cup” were used synonymously. Yet Jesus humbly submitted to the Father’s will. Luke tells us that Jesus’ sweat resembled drops of blood. Jesus was in terrible agony, but He did not give up or give in. He went ahead with the mission for which He had come. If Jesus needed to rely on the Father, how much more do we need to?

PRAYER – Spend some time thanking God for Jesus’ intercessory prayers on our behalf. Thank Him for the hope we have, even when we do not know what to pray. Ask God to align our prayers with those of Jesus, that we might be most concerned about His purposes for His kingdom and our lives.