David asked for one thing—that he might dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of his life. Like David, we find refuge in God’s house. Singing songs of praise, bowing our heads in prayer, and enjoying the loving fellowship of our brothers and sisters in Christ provides peace and comfort not found anywhere else.

 David knew what it was to have enemies, but he also knew the blessed assurance that came from trusting God. Even when we are struggling with problems, we can joyfully take part in worship. We can raise our voices in song, and we have assurance God will hear our prayers. He will lift our heads and our hearts. We are truly blessed because we are His and He is faithful.

PRAYER – Father, thank You for the many ways You bless me. Thank You for the pleasure of being Your child. Thank You for loving me even when I have been unfaithful. In Jesus name, Amen.