It’s interesting that the Lord used a man named Ananias to be the instrument of Saul’s recovery and that Ananias was to go to the house of Judas. Ananias and Judas are two names that are infamous in the New Testament. Judas was the betrayer of Jesus. Ananias was the liar of the early church (Acts 5). And certainly the name Saul doesn’t exactly conjure up images of spiritual perfection! The Lord is doing something neat here, I think: He’s redeeming names even as He continues His redemptive work in people.

God told Ananias that Paul’s ministry was to be to the Gentiles first and foremost, secondly to kings, and lastly to the people of Israel. Initially, however, Paul would keep trying to minister to the Jews and find himself frustrated in the process. So, too, sometimes the reason we get upset in serving the Lord is because we don’t understand or aren’t obedient to His plan for our individual ministry. All of us are to be used by God. Seek Him and allow Him to direct your path for your ministry within the church and beyond!

PRAYER – Lord, You alone can direct my path. Every time I seek to do things my way, I always mess things up. Help me to see all You are asking of me is obedience. Help me to completely surrender to You. In Jesus Name, Amen.