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This is to certify that I am a volunteer and/or member of The Connection Church and understand that any information (written, verbal or any other form) obtained during the performance of my duties must remain strictly confidential. This includes all information about members, attendees, families, employees, and other associate organizations. I understand and acknowledge that in my position, I will receive confidential information pertaining to the activities, operations, and business of The Connection Church and/or financial and personal information of The Connection Church members (Confidential Information). I further acknowledge that disclosing such confidential information may be prejudicial to The Connection Church and its members. I agree to:

  • Not disclose or discuss confidential information with others not authorized to receive such
  • Use reasonable means to protect and prevent the disclosure of confidential information, whether oral or written
  • Use the confidential information only in connection with the church’s business
  • Disclose confidential information only to individuals who hold the position of Pastor, Church Administrator, Director of Operations, Trustees/Board of Directors, Deacons, or specific member(s) of the church who have a real need to know or as otherwise directed by the Pastor or Director of Operations.

I understand that any unauthorized release or carelessness in the handling of this confidential information is considered a breach of the duty to maintain confidentiality. I further understand that any breach of this duty to maintain confidentiality could be grounds for immediate dismissal and/or possible liability in any legal action that might arise from any such violation. INDIVIDUAL (Volunteer, employee, board member)

Confidentiality Agreement

Electronic Signature

I understand that by signing the Electronic Signature I consent to be legally bound to this agreement.
I understand that by signing the Electronic Signature I consent to be legally bound to this agreement.
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